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Syndicated Content Over The Internet

Cable and satellite providers are experiencing a significant and growing decline in subscribers as Internet usage increases. The 2nd quarter of 2014 saw over 300,000 “cable-cutters” terminate their cable subscriptions. Moreover, over 30% of traditional television and radio broadcast users have left in favor of the Internet. The effect upon advertisers, advertising agencies, networks and affiliates is a steep decline in viewership and a corresponding reduction in advertising revenues and return on investment. 

Syndicast has the solitary patented system and method available today to capture lost viewership and deliver previous-lost revenues by enabling providers of audio, visual, digital, print and sensory content to users on the Internet. Additionally and importantly, Syndicast delivers precision targeted personalized advertisements based upon geographic and psychographic data of the user. 

By identifying where the user is through numerous technological options including GPS, ISP, Area Code, Zip Code, etc., Syndicast is able to determine what content a user would receive had that user been viewing or listening through a traditional network/affiliate channel. From this Syndicast is able to deliver identical content via the Internet in compliance with traditional network/affiliate constructions. Ultimately, this will enable every network, broadcaster, syndicator or affiliate to deliver their programming on the Internet.